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Posted by: Seb Bruce - 02-04-2018, 06:32 AM - Forum: Updates - Replies (10)

Orbs Helper
 - Shows regen ring around HP and special attack orb
 - Special Attack orb now hides when OSRS orbs are hidden
 - Special Attack orb can now be moved to left or right side in fixed mode

Prayer Notifier -> Level Notifications
 - Prayer Notifier has been merged with this plugin
 - You can now set a threshold for hitpoints notifications

Skilling Helper
 - You can now disable shift clicking for tick minipulation items (tar, herbs, vambraces & kebbit claws)
 - You can now remove the cage option from lobster fishing spots to help with tick minipulation
 - Infernal Eel spots are now supported
 - Lobster spots in Jatizo are now supported
 - Barbarian fishing spots near raids are now also supported
 - The Agility Course counter should now be more accurate when counting laps
 - The Agility Course helper now helps with the Penguin course
 - The Cooking helper now displays success amount and burns as well as success rate 
 - Skilling statistics should now correctly disappear when hopping worlds

Screenshot Plugin
 - A new screenshot viewer has been added
 - The screenshot plugin can now auto screenshot duel win/losses

Extended Zoom
 - Extended Zoom has now been added

 - The Cannon Helper Plugins now supports granite cannonballs
 - The Level indicator plugin now supports the Preserve prayer

 - The settings panel now remembers your scroll position when going back
 - The RuneLoader map can now be opened with a left click
 - The World Map button is moved to top right in fixed mode
 - You can now toggle a custom prayer book layout by right clicking the Prayer tab icon
 - You can now Right click bank deposit buttons to enable/disable said button
 - You can now Right Click to lookup on your friends list
 - You no longer need to drag and drop customization files into the pane as they automatically export from the website into your client.
 - The World List now shows PvP and DMM worlds in red

Bug Fixes
 - Auto screenshot should now work again
 - OSB price guide in GE buy screen should work again
 - Examining items in the bank should now show value again
 - Overlays should now longer hide when in fixed mode with a resized client
 - Screenmarkers should no longer randomly disappear
 - The XP orb tooltip now shows the correct level

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  2.5 ~ QoL & Bug Fixes
Posted by: Seb Bruce - 07-27-2017, 06:35 AM - Forum: Updates - Replies (9)

  • Skilling Helper
    • Agility Clickboxes have been added for most agility courses, they can be disabled by right clicking an agility object
    • An Agility Lap counter has been added, it keeps track of how many laps done, left and per hour
    • Fishing helper now has toggles to disable the icons but keep clickboxes
    • Fishing Helper now only outlines the fishing spot instead of filling it
  • Grand Exchange Plugin
    • Now shows stack value when examining and item in your inventory or bank
    • Examining a noted item now works correctly
    • Now shows actively traded OSB price in buy offer screen
  • Friend Finder Plugin
    • Friend tags now disappear if they're removed from your friends list
    • There is now a toggle to hide viewport friend tags
    • You can now center viewport friend tags 
  • Clue Scroll Helper
    • The Solution overlay now hides when you don't have a clue in your inventory
    • Coordinate clues now prompts the user how to view the location
  • Attack Styles Plugin
    • The Toxic Staff style set has been added, allowing the Attack Styles for it to be blocked successfully.
    • You are now able to block 'Attack' attack styles in the plugin
  • Ground Item Overlay
    • The overlay now shows (Lots) for stacks equal to or above 65535
    • Quantities are now correctly formatted instead of showing just an integer
  • The Special Attack Orb now moves the other orbs back to their original position if disabled
  • You can now toggle the Level Indicator overlay using alt + B, togglable in settings
  • You can now lock the client window disallowing it to be moved outside your monitor bounds (Client plugin)
  • Clan members without a rank will now be highlighted in the mini menu
  • Importing a custom prayer book layout now turns off the default position setting automatically
  • Some of our modifications were optimised to improve client performance

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Posted by: Seb Bruce - 05-30-2017, 06:19 AM - Forum: Updates - Replies (12)

  • Quick hide & highlight for Ground Items, hold control, first box is block, 2nd is highlight. 
  • More locations have been added to the Player owned houses overlay
  • NPC timers should now respect their settings, before they were running even if disabled
  • The teleblock timer should now work once again
  • Wilderness slayer tasks are now supported by the Slayer Plugin
  • The Expeditious and Slaughter bracelet effects are now accounted for in the Slayer Plugin
  • You can now examine items to find out their GE value and High Alch value
  • You can now block most defensive attack styles in the Attack Styles plugin
  • A clan helper plugin has been added it includes the following features:
    • Ability to show clan rank in the mini menu next to a players name
    • Ability to highlight player names in the mini menu if they're in your clan chat
  • Most imbued and recoloured items are now accounted for in the bank plugin
  • All clan chat icons are now 11x11 so the spacing should be consistent in cc names
  • Core functionality and optimisations were added for clan chats
  • You can now change the height of dynamic world maps which should help to scout raids
  • You can now disable the functionality of the deposit all inventory & equipment bank buttons
  • The XP tracker plugin now displays Kills Left instead of Actions left for combat skills
  • You can double click the name field on the highscores panel to quickly fill it with your username
  • The side panel has been rewritten and now remembers the selected tab when expanded
  • The client will now remember the size and position when relaunching once again

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  2.41 - Bug Fixes
Posted by: Seb Bruce - 02-22-2017, 02:15 AM - Forum: Updates - Replies (11)

  • Dynamic maps should now move correctly
  • Dynamic maps should refresh when you move to a new dynamic region
  • The movable prayer book plugin should now remember where you moved prayers to upon reloading
  • Barehanded fishing should now work correctly with the Fishing helper
  • Wine helper rewritten, now displays more information & UI overhaul
  • Overload potions in raid should no longer trigger both overload timers
  • The customization plugin panel should now display text on OSX & Linux OS's
  • The NPC tagging plugin has been rewritten, it now adds a menu option to tag/untag NPC's
  • Friends will now show on the minimap if an interface is open
  • The Ground Item plugin now displays GE prices for noted items
  • Fishing spots in Shilo Vilage should now be highlighted if enabled
  • You can now change the Screenshot Hotkey
  • The KBD respawn timer was changed to 10 seconds

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  2.40 - Custom Prayer Book & Bug Fixes
Posted by: Seb Bruce - 02-11-2017, 11:42 AM - Forum: Updates - Replies (5)

  • Peaches now show heal value when hovered
  • Overlays have been changed to a brown colour to be more consistent with OSRS's feel
  • A toggle in general settings has been added to revert the elite void changes made by Jagex this week (requires a relog)
  • A customization plugin has been added, it use will become more apparent with next weeks update.
  • You can now customize your prayer book fully (click here)
  • You can now move instanced area maps 
  • You can now hide skills in the level indicator plugin
  • Some of the skilling overlays have been revamped
  • Some timers and counters should now work again after dying

More updates coming next week

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  2.39 - Bug fixes & Small Additions
Posted by: Seb Bruce - 01-27-2017, 12:35 PM - Forum: Updates - Replies (4)

  • Monkfish spots are now supported by the Skilling Plugin
  • Clue Scroll data is now available in the Highscores Plugin
  • There is now an option to right click look-up in the friends tab
  • UI Fixes for Linux
  • A Twitter button added to the toolbar
  • An option was added to revert to the old fire max cape (General settings)
  • Drinking an overload while in nmz should no longer trigger both the raids and nmz timer
  • Quickhopping is now re-enabled
  • A bug causing keyboard input to be ignored has been fixed
  • The Level Indicator plugin now shows skills as well as combat skills

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  2.38 - Raid Additions & Bug Fixes
Posted by: Seb Bruce - 01-18-2017, 08:21 AM - Forum: Updates - Replies (7)

  • XP Tracker
    • You can now toggle tracking for indiviual skills by using the right click menu in the skills tab
    • You can now hide skill trackers which have 0 xp gained
  • Timers & Counters
    • The Binding Necklace counter has been rewritten, you no longer need to constantly check charges after it breaks
    • A Raids Timer has been added to the plugin
    • Overload (Raid) and Prayer Enhance Potions have been added to the plugin
    • Absorption potions have been added to the Counter & Timers plugin
    • Staff Of The Dead special attacks are now timed by this plugin
    • Some Counters & Timers are now react to events like dying/NMZ
    • Some setting descriptions have been changed to be more consistent
  • Skilling Plugin
    • The Skilling plugin should again display whether or not you're fishing and provide AFK notifications
    • The Skilling plugin now supports Zeah fishing spots, including Anglerfish
  • World Map
    • The World Map has been updated
    • The World Map now displays dynamic maps when in a dynamic region
  • Coordinate clues should now be more accurate
  • You can now restore the positions of Chivlary and Piety in the Prayer book via the UI Improvements Plugin
  • The settings interface now has a bolder font for describing each setting
  • Internal support for the Raiding Party tab has been added
  • The Raid points interface should now move with Left sided overlays
  • The Corporeal Beast damage counter should now work in Resizable mode
  • HTML Tags are now stripped from Entity names in the Target Information Plugin
  • The Friend Finder plugin can now display names on the minimap
  • The XP Orb Tooltips have been given a new lick of paint and should look a lot cleaner
  • Degraded RuneCrafting pouches should now be highlighted once again
  • The pings for each world should now resolve faster in the Quick Hop plugin
  • The Highscores Plugin now displays EHP provided by

Also a big hello to @Leanbow who joined the development team today!

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  2.37 - Bug fixes & QoL updates
Posted by: Seb Bruce - 12-04-2016, 07:46 AM - Forum: Updates - Replies (24)

  • Bank Plugin
    • The plugin now calculates tab values separately
  • Update to Substance 6.2
    • Should now support HiDPI displays
    • OSX Users will use the default operating look and feel for now
  • Skilling Helper
    • The Fishing & Woodcutting overlays now have a right click option to reset your session
    • You can now specify a duration on which skilling overlays will timeout
    • A setting has been added to play a sound notification upon becoming idle while skilling
    • You can customise the notification sound in the settings
  • Friend finder plugin
    • The plugin should now hide when an interfaces is open
    • It should also clip more consistently with the game UI
  • Ground Items
    • The filter lists are now case insensitive
    • You can now highlight items by alch and GE value
    • The plugin can also now display GE and alch value in the text overlay
  • Timers & Counters
    • Eternal Glories are now supported by this plugin
    • Trimmed amulet of glories now show in the glory counter
    • Slayer Ring count is now available
    • Scorpia's timer has been reduced to 10 seconds to match the OSRS update
  • Mouse Over Plugin
    • Most foods should now have a heal value
    • You can now turn off the mouse over plugin but keep the information for Food and Rune Pouch enabled
  • Misc
    • The twitter plugin should once again work
    • A bug with some coordinate clues was fixed
    • An option to remember the last logged in username has  been added
    • The session timer can now display; a count down from 6 hours, a local time clock or a GMT time clock
    • Revised ItemContainer class for better performance
    • A bug with some coordinate clues has been fixed
    • XP Tracker XPTL has had a few tweaks
    • The world map will now only open with a left mouse click
    • Overlays will no longer show on the welcome screen
    • You can now set level thresholds in the prayer notifier plugin
    • You can now close the client without OSRS having loaded
    • Stretched fixed mode has been added, you can toggle it on in the client settings menu
    • The FPS counter should no longer be covered by the world map orb in resizable mode
    • You can now right click players to look them up in the highscores panel
    • A bug with some text overlay shadows has been corrected, this affects plugins such as the Ground item plugin

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  2.36 - Barrows Minimap, MLM Helper & Bug Fixes!
Posted by: Seb Bruce - 11-18-2016, 08:19 AM - Forum: Updates - Replies (10)

A few small changes for today, they are as followed;

  • Ability to reset progress on all XP trackers in 1 click
  • World map has been updated with the new Zeah changes
  • A toggle has been added to modify the sprite of unenchanted jewelry 
  • Pressing ALT while not logged in no longer affects input
  • A bug in the implings plugin has been resolved
  • Hardcore Ironman lookup has been added to the highscores plugin
  • Screenshots on leveling up should be more accurate and actually capture the interface in some circumstances.
  • The Special Attack Orb and World Map Orb should no longer get stuck when switching between fixed and resizable game modes.
  • A barrows overlay has been added which shows walls and doors on the minimap
  • A MLM Helper module has been added to the skilling plugin which will mark active ore vains on the minimap and game viewport

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  2.35 - Performance Fixes
Posted by: Seb Bruce - 11-17-2016, 05:31 AM - Forum: Updates - Replies (9)

A performance update has been issued bringing RuneLoader to version 2.35.

  • Memory usage should be a lot lower
  • The random pauses (due to garbage collection) should have vanished
  • The view screenshots option now opens the screenshot folder
  • The friend finder plugin should be more performant in busy areas
  • A stray option has been removed from the ground items plugin.

If you have any suggestions please post in the suggestions forum here as it's easier to keep track of suggestions.

Thanks and enjoy!

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