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Posted by: Seb Bruce - 11-15-2016, 01:36 PM - Forum: Updates - Replies (50)

  • Mouseover Plugin
    • Ability to show Rune Pouch contents on hover
    • Ability to show food info on hover
  • Screenshot plugin
    • This plugin can now order ground items by GE value instead of alch value
    • The screenshot plugin has been completely rewritten and should now work as expected
    • The plugin can now detect certain in-game events such as clue reward openings, barrows loot openings and levels up and automatically capture them
    • A timestamp can now also be added to screenshots
    • You can also change where your screenshots are saved to
  • Ground Items Overlay
    • You can now use wildcards to filter items E.G '* arrows' will filter Bronze arrows, Iron arrows etc.
    • You can now highlight items in your highlight list
    • This plugin has been optimized further for slower PC's
  • Timers & Counters Plugin
    • Most bosses now have a respawn timer which should be accurate to the second
    • Imbued hearts, most potions, GWD altar & teleblocks should now be timed
    • Binding necklace and other jewelry counts are now counted
  • Grand Exchange Plugin
    • You can now view the progress of your GE offers from anywhere in the game
    • This plugin also has a search module integrated which uses the Official GE API
  • World Map Plugin
    • A basic world map has been added for now until we collect enough data to generate our own world maps (including dungeons)
  • Clue Scroll Helper
    • A clue scroll helper plugin has been added to help you with most text based clues
    • The helper should work with most Cipher, Coordinate, Emote, Anagram, Challenge, Cryptic and some map clues
    • There's also a feature to debug digging coordinates to be used in a report if any dig answers are wrong
    • This plugin is integrated with the world map plugin to show the locations of some clues on the map viewport
    • There is also an option to send unhandled text clues to us so we can add them quickly
  • Bank Plugin
    • A Bank plugin has been added that uses OSB prices to determine the value of your bank
    • The plugin can tell you the top 20 items in your bank in the side widget
    • This plugin also includes Bank Tags which allows you to add tags to your items to use with the OSRS bank search feature
  • Impling Finder
    • The impling finder can highlight implings on the game viewport and on the minimap
    • Each impling type can be toggled within the settings menu
  • UI Enhancement plugin
    • This plugin provides changes to the ingame UI
    • You can now enable a session timer on the report button
    • You can also enable Friend/Ignore/Clan Chat counts with this plugin
    • This plugin can also show clan chat ranks in the chatbox
    • The feature to 'Hop-To' friends in the friends list has been aded
    • You can recolour private messages
    • This plugin can also show the progress of each achievement diary (you need to read each diary to update it)
  • Player Owned House Overlays
    • You can add minimap overlays which show the location of each portal
  • Skilling Helper
    • This plugin can track how many logs you've cut and how many you're cutting per hour
    • This plugin can also notify you when you stop fishing or mining
    • The ability to highlight spots and indicate what spot is what has been added
    • This plugin can also track hunter trap states
  • NPC Tagging
    • By pressing shift and clicking on an NPC you can now highlight it
    • You can change the colours for the viewport and minimap marker
    • You can also change the type of marker that is used for the minimap
  • Screenmarkers
    • Screenmarkers have been added with various customization options
    • A global toggle for screenmarkers has been added
  • Cannonball tracker
    • The cannonball tracker should now track cannonballs once again
  • Slayer Plugin
    • The slayer plugin now has toggles to disable and hide on login
    • The plugin can now also track boost progress, indicating x tasks out of 10
  • Miscellaneous
    • The Corporeal Beast damage counter will now move if Overlays are active
    • The Twitch plugin has been removed
    • The duel arena lookup plugin has been removed
    • You can now change the colour & font of Friend Overlays in the Friend Finder plugin
    • The settings panel has had a complete overhaul
    • You can now flip overlay sides
    • You can now set a default world by right clicking on a world in the RuneLoader QuickHop menu
    • The special attack orb has been revamped
    • The resizable game viewport should be more dynamic and gives better clipping for some plugins
    • The highscores plugin now shows BH & LMS and also gives support for DMM, SDMM & iron men
    • The target information should function once again
    • A reduced functionality mode has been added when RuneLoader isn't up to date with the latest OSRS Update, it also notifies you when an update is ready
    • An account is no longer required to use the client, guest mode is active at the moment until the new website is done.
    • A new .exe Launcher has been released, this is packed with JRE so you don't need to worry about having Java correctly installed, OSX launcher is also coming soon™

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Posted by: Seb Bruce - 11-23-2015, 11:44 PM - Forum: Updates - Replies (35)

  • Utility bar overhaul, moved from the side to the top of the client
  • Settings UI reworked
  • The twitter plugin now works as expected
  • Highscores has been revamped, you can now lookup ironman/ultimate ironman/deadman mode highscores
  • A timer plugin has been added that can track; cannon decay, imbues, overloads, staminas, vengeance and barrage freezes for the time being. More coming soon
  • The staking lookup plugin lookup now works as expected
  • RuneCrafting pouch overlays are now available
  • Mouse Over Text plugin has been added, it is disabled by default
  • An issue with the screenshot plugin has been resolved, taking screenshots almost immediately.
  • An issue with the spec orb plugin has been resolved
  • The target info plugin now updates more reliably for enemies with a lot of health.
  • The notifications plugin has been rewritten and now includes recoil breaking notifications
  • You can now disable auto low cpu mode
  • A name tag feature has added
  • The tooltip on XP Orbs now displays XP per Hour if it's being tracked by the XP tracker plugin

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Posted by: Seb Bruce - 10-18-2015, 10:26 AM - Forum: Updates - Replies (9)

  • Fishing Plugin, displays if you're fishing or not, fish/hr and gives you notifications when you stop fishing and not looking at the client.
  • Friends Finder now has an option to display names above heads
  • Automatic low cpu mode when the client isn't being looked at
  • Cannon overlay, shows how many cannonballs are in your cannon and can give you sound and game message notifications when your cannon is nearly empty
  • Ground items now have a RuneScape font option added
  • You can now set alch highlight values for ground items, you can also choose whether or not to show alch values
  • Most overlays should now hide when an interface is displayed
  • XP Orbs now have tooltips about the relevant level when hovered.
  • Various client performance changes were applied
  • You can now have your plugins panel displayed on either the right or left side of the client.
  • The health bar in the target plugin now animates as it depletes
  • The slayer plugin will now remember your task between logins and different accounts, it also fades after 3 minutes of inactivity.
  • A fix was applied to the notification library, messages are now actually readable.

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  Change Log 11th August 2015
Posted by: Seb Bruce - 08-12-2015, 08:36 AM - Forum: Updates - No Replies

  • Twitter Plugin now provides ingame notifications when you get a DM, follower or favourite
  • The Duel Arena lookup plugin now works as expected
  • New font for some overlays
  • Couple colours added to XP drops
  • XP drops can now be disabled

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Posted by: Seb Bruce - 08-06-2015, 10:00 AM - Forum: Updates - Replies (2)

  • Progress Orbs added to XP Drops plugin
  • XP Tracker plugin added
  • Notes plugin added
  • Filter added to ground items, separate using ,
  • Improved clipping for ground items overlay
  • Memory usage optimisations
  • Fix for some overlays randomly disappearing
  • Panel Widget panel makeover (not all plugins have been given a lick of paint yet)
  • Customisation options for XP Drops added
  • Duel Arena lookup now works as expected

Enjoy Smile

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Posted by: Seb Bruce - 07-15-2015, 07:23 AM - Forum: Updates - Replies (14)

Change Log:

  • 'Checking for updates' bug has been fixed, it should now be a lot quicker too!
  • A bug causing the client to crash on start has been fixed
  • Zooming has been added to resizable, hold control and use your mouse wheel to scroll
  • The Friend finder plugin was fixed
  • The World to screen method for tiles was fixed to work with resizable
  • Additional functionality was added to the modscript to allow for us (and you) to create more plugins in the future
  • Pre EOC Hotkeys should now remember your selection everytime it loads
  • Sean joined the RuneLoader 'Team' so expect some exciting stuff coming up in near future


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  Release Candidate v2 BETA
Posted by: Seb Bruce - 12-19-2014, 10:29 PM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (20)

Hi there,

It's been a long time coming,
If you have an access key visit to get your copy of the v2 Launcher.

Most plugins aren't customisable at the moment; these improvements will be coming over the weekend. Later on tonight, the beta testers will be able to access a private forum which they can post feedback and bugs.

Current Plugins:

  • Ground Items, shows all ground items by name/quantity. Filter is coming tonight
  • Quickhopping, quickhop to any world you wish quickly
  • Food Information, hover over food to get food quick information
  • Request Notifier, notifies you if you get a duel or trade request
  • Trade Valuer, gives you a rough price on the values in the trade screen based on Zybez Prices
  • Slayer Kills, when you right click your gem to find out how many slayer creatures you have left to kill, it will track them as they die!
  • Pre EOC Hotkeys, pretty self explanitory
  • XP Drops, a reworked version of XP drops, will be customisable later tonight
  • Stats lookup, when in a duel; find out your opponents -fast
  • Reworked Zybez Plugin
  • RuneCrafting Pouch Plugin, shows how many essence in each pouch and current state; Not Full/Broken/Full
  • Screenshot plugin from v1
  • Highscores plugin from v1, is going to be rewritten
  • Twitch Plugin, pulls the top 20 streams from the RuneScape twitch
  • Twitter Plugin, view your news feed in real time, also sends DM notifications when received

There are a tonne more plugins that I couldn't finish in time for this initial release but they will be coming shortly. Also API docs will be coming later tonight along with developer mode

Thanks for being so Patient,

Seb Bruce

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  Planned Maintenance - 15/8/14
Posted by: Seb Bruce - 08-14-2014, 09:14 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

The site will be offline for around 2 hours at 12pm GMT tomorrow. During this time RuneLoader will still operate fully just the site will be offline. This will occur while I migrate the site to a new server and finalise the server environment for v2.



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  Graphics Designer Needed!
Posted by: Seb Bruce - 02-03-2014, 09:47 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (3)

I am currently looking for a Graphics designer. The work will involve a new logo and a selection of new colours for the website and new client.

Message me on here for my Skype handle.


Seb Bruce

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  RuneLoader Back Online!
Posted by: Seb Bruce - 01-12-2014, 03:01 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (2)

Hello there!

First of all I would like to take this time personally to apologize to each and every one of you for the downtime we experienced over the last 48 hours. This downtime was caused by a DDoS attack which we were absorbing for 24 hours before we were finally put offline. The host decided that enough was enough and decided to null route our VPS where RuneLoader was hosted causing the website and the client to be unavailable.

We are currently still undergoing attacks, (we're on 18 attacks and counting!) but our new provider provides amazing DDoS protection. This isn't cheap so I will be creating a donations page to keep RuneLoader up, I have yet to decide which benefits I can give to the people who donate but it will most likely be a small forum rank, private forum and a couple of other goodies.

RuneLoader is now online and shall remain online until payments stop, many features and plugins are currently in development and will be released soon as I have been working on them while RuneLoader was offline.

Once again, I'm very sorry for the downtime but this is the end of it.


Seb Bruce

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