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  RuneLoader Updated to Support OSRS #33
Posted by: Seb Bruce - 01-10-2014, 12:53 AM - Forum: Updates - Replies (5)

RuneLoader was automatically updated to support OSRS #33!

While this update hasn't been tested, there were no breaks from our updater, it is still in an immature stage so incorrect hooks may be found, please bare with us while we fix these, (if any!)

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  RuneLoader Updated to Support OSRS #32
Posted by: Seb Bruce - 12-17-2013, 10:19 PM - Forum: Updates - Replies (1)

First update after rewriting most our patterns using the AI based pattern generator. We have 0 field and 0 class breaks!

There was 1 slight mishap with varps with the field validation but this was due to a small error with validation which is now fixed!

Happy Scaping!

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  v1.27 Release
Posted by: Seb Bruce - 12-06-2013, 12:27 PM - Forum: Updates - Replies (3)

  • Low CPU Mode added, to access; Plugins -> Settings -> Client Settings
  • FPS Debug added, Features -> Show FPS Debug
  • Pressing the printscreen button or insert button will result in a screeshot being taken and uploaded to imgur
  • A screenshot manager was introduced, Features -> Show Screenshots
  • A bug that made button events reoccuring every 20ms was fixed
  • Several toggles now save when restarting the client
  • World 1 now loads by default
  • OSX users will find the theme has been removed for them, the menu bar is also in the OSX bar at the top of their screen
  • An icon for RuneLoader can now be found in your task dock, an API for pushing notifications has been included in this release too

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  RuneLoader Updated to Support OSRS #31
Posted by: Seb Bruce - 11-29-2013, 01:37 AM - Forum: Updates - Replies (1)

Couple hooks broke with actor health, everything else works fine, will fix these hooks soon!

NVM: Actor health broke because of a stupid mistake which was fixed Big Grin

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  Bug Fixes
Posted by: Seb Bruce - 11-26-2013, 06:13 AM - Forum: Updates - Replies (7)

  • Fixed most errors resulting in failure to launch the client on windows
  • Fixed the booter for mac and unix operating systems

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  v1.2 Release
Posted by: Seb Bruce - 11-25-2013, 08:27 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (3)

Hello There!

RuneLoader has been updated to Version 1.2! This version is a massive improvement from the last version released!

The newest release is an Auto Updater which will automatically download the latest version of the client and libraries that come bundled with it. This will reduce bandwidth used by both yourself and our web server! This release also comes with a developer mode, accessed by passing "-dev" into updater's program arguments. This will unlock features in the client for developing plugins easier as well as loading unsigned plugins so use this at your own risk!

A new skin has been added to the client, thanks to Substance (authors). This gives the client a more professional feeling and is a lot better from our last theme which was the operating systems default! I may add a feature to change themes in the future but for now we're sticking with 1 theme as it matches the forum theme too! The client also has a remember me! feature which will remember your sign in details the next time you sign into the client, this can make life a lot easier to re synchronize your plugins.

A first time setup screen has been added, this will allow new users to quickly enable plugins/features they do or don't want. This should be a much more user friendly way to attract new users that don't have much experience or can't find the help they need when using the client for the first time. Toggles for plugins can also be found in the client menu bar which can help disable some plugins that you don't want showing at a certain time, in the future support for plugin synchronization without restarting the client.

2 Plugins were also updated; Minimap Orbs and XP Popups.

The minimap orbs have been given a new lick of paint and look a lot nicer compared to our horrible other orbs. Special amount has been added to the orbs and run energy will be making an appearance soon.

XP Popups have been shifted slightly to the left and made larger, they appear clearer and is a slight difference from the last version. An update in the week will allow you to move the rise near to the orbs on the right side or on the left side of the client or if you want, in the middle of the client like they currently are!

An updated version of the API javadocs are being uploaded at the moment, to find them click here.

Have a good day!

--RuneLoader Administration

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  Release v1.21
Posted by: Seb Bruce - 11-16-2013, 01:04 AM - Forum: Updates - Replies (1)

  • Bug fixed for 'Error Connecting' when logging in

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  v1.12 API Additions
Posted by: Seb Bruce - 11-15-2013, 05:00 AM - Forum: Updates - No Replies

  • A tool for looking up players on highscores has been added. HighscoresData.query(String name), returns HighscoresData for the player specified in the parameters
  • WidgetChild has been implemented, You can currently only get Text Data and index's from it. To access WidgetChild instances use Widgets.lookup(parent, child) or if you're looking for a string use Widgets.lookup(String)
  • A New plugin was added to the repository, check it out!

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  RuneLoader Released!
Posted by: Seb Bruce - 11-12-2013, 09:33 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (4)

RuneLoader has finally been released!

It can be downloaded from the Navigation bar on the forums and the homepage! To use RuneLoader, you will need a RuneLoader account which can be created here. Your account will be used to control your Plugin Repository as well as any future purchases. Your password used on RuneLoader should be unique and not used on any other website to ensure maximum security.

I will also take the time to say that the first versions of RuneLoader might be buggy as RuneLoader is only in the BETA phase so please report any bugs in the defects section here. Bugs regarding plugins should be posted in their relevant threads so the author of the plugin can address the issue and fix it if possible. Guides on how to utilize the API will be released shortly as well as javadocs provided.

If you have any suggestions that you think would you make the client better please post them in the suggestions section of the support forum. Plugin suggestions should be posted in the Plugin Suggestion forum.

--RuneLoader Administration

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  A welcoming to RuneLoader
Posted by: Hoodlum - 10-23-2013, 07:49 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (9)


I would first like to start this thread off by thanking you for taking the time out of your day to read this post. On behalf of the development team I would just like to announce that we aim to make Runeloader the ultimate oldschool toolkit by not only taking the ideas and suggestions our users report to us, but by also allowing our very own users to develop it. We provide an api for RuneLoader so that any aspiring programmers have the chance to write plugins for the loader and even sell their very own plugins to other users through our marketplace.

Also, what better way to get your name out to the community than by introducing yourself to the community? Post your introductory thread by visiting here.

With that being said, I hope you enjoy your stay with us and the rest of the RuneLoader community and happy scaping!

Kind regards,

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