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2.5 ~ QoL & Bug Fixes

  • Skilling Helper
    • Agility Clickboxes have been added for most agility courses, they can be disabled by right clicking an agility object
    • An Agility Lap counter has been added, it keeps track of how many laps done, left and per hour
    • Fishing helper now has toggles to disable the icons but keep clickboxes
    • Fishing Helper now only outlines the fishing spot instead of filling it
  • Grand Exchange Plugin
    • Now shows stack value when examining and item in your inventory or bank
    • Examining a noted item now works correctly
    • Now shows actively traded OSB price in buy offer screen
  • Friend Finder Plugin
    • Friend tags now disappear if they're removed from your friends list
    • There is now a toggle to hide viewport friend tags
    • You can now center viewport friend tags 
  • Clue Scroll Helper
    • The Solution overlay now hides when you don't have a clue in your inventory
    • Coordinate clues now prompts the user how to view the location
  • Attack Styles Plugin
    • The Toxic Staff style set has been added, allowing the Attack Styles for it to be blocked successfully.
    • You are now able to block 'Attack' attack styles in the plugin
  • Ground Item Overlay
    • The overlay now shows (Lots) for stacks equal to or above 65535
    • Quantities are now correctly formatted instead of showing just an integer
  • The Special Attack Orb now moves the other orbs back to their original position if disabled
  • You can now toggle the Level Indicator overlay using alt + B, togglable in settings
  • You can now lock the client window disallowing it to be moved outside your monitor bounds (Client plugin)
  • Clan members without a rank will now be highlighted in the mini menu
  • Importing a custom prayer book layout now turns off the default position setting automatically
  • Some of our modifications were optimised to improve client performance

Sick update, loving it already with the level indicator toggle and agility clickboxes.

Serious improvements Seb! Nice one.
Any news on Piety/Eagle eye/etc turning the xp drop a different colour? Was hoping that would be in this update.

Edit: When examining items with the bank open, it doesn't show price info, just the examine text, close the bank, it works fine.

Always nice to see updates for this client -- especially now that there is an Agility overlay! Keep it up
[Image: X2xhguOwl98OY.gif]

Nice update! thank you.

Any word on fixing absorb potions in Nightmare Zone again? They were working and showing up at the bottom where glory charges and the overload timer is, but the last update broke it and it still seems to be busted.

Great update, noticed a lot of the improvements without even reading the post.

¿the update will be this month?

1- why can't i see the special attack orb? i tried enable/disable several times

2 - used anti fire pot. no timer showed up

hey my client keeps crashing after I log in idk why its doing it figured I post it here to see if anyone els is running into this issue and has a fix for it idk if I should redownload it but its been working since I dled it till now

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